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If you have placed orders for multiple items from the same back-order, your parcel will only be mailed once all stocks have arrived. 

How does backorder works?

Back-order are only for specific prints or models.

Please note that once backorder is confirmed, no cancelling/ refund or exchange are allowed. Unless the item is defective upon arrival. We will fully refund the amount to you.

We will indicate sold out on the item page once it has reached its order quota.

Estimated waiting time: 1-2 weeks.

You can combine your backorder with the in-stock items to enjoy the free courier shipping when you purchase over $60 Nett. (For Singapore only)

Please note that all combine orders will only be mailed once all back-order stocks have arrived. 

You may request to mailed out separately. Our standard courier shipping fees is $3.50. 

We will update over here once the backorder stocks arrived.

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28 August 2020

BO #1 Miffy Crossbody Bag

*Backorder will be closed at 30 August 2020 2359*

updated 31 August 2020: All backorder confirmed.

updated 7 September 2020:

All backorders miffy crossbody bags arrived.

All backorders miffy crossbody bags will be pack today and arrange courier to pick up tomorrow 8 September 2020. 

------ Thank you everyone for your purchase with Uma Hana Singapore -----